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Ethics Requirement for Permit Renewals

To renew your permit you are required to obtain at least 2 hours in professional ethics relating to the practice of public accountancy as part of your CPE requirement. (The 2 hour ethics requirement is part of, not in addition to, the required CPE for renewal). All of your ethics hours may be used toward the overall CPE requirement and may be included in any carry-forward for the next renewal period (if applicable). However, any additional ethics hours over and above the required 2 hours cannot be used to meet the professional ethics requirement for any subsequent renewal period.

Ethics courses, which shall be defined as courses dealing with regulatory and behavioral ethics, shall be limited to courses on the following:

            (A) Professional standards;

            (B) licenses and renewals;

            (C) SEC oversight;

            (D) competence;

            (E) acts discreditable;

            (F) advertising and other forms of solicitation;

            (G) independence;

            (H) integrity and objectivity;

            (I) confidential client information;

            (J) contingent fees;

            (K) commissions;

            (L) conflicts of interest;

            (M) full disclosure;

            (N) malpractice;

            (O) record retention;     

            (P) professional conduct;

            (Q) ethical practice in business;

            (R) personal ethics;

            (S) ethical decision making; and

            (T) corporate ethics and risk management as these topics relate to malpractice and relate solely to the practice of certified public accountancy.  

            (3) The subject of circular no. 230 issued by the federal department of the treasury shall not qualify for ethics CPE credit but shall qualify for non-ethics CPE credit.



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